Best upcoming exhibitions and trade shows in Dubai

Dubai, renowned as the City of Gold, stands as a global nexus not only for luxury shopping and breathtaking architecture but also for its dynamic trade show circuit. Year-round, Dubai hosts a myriad of exhibitions and trade shows spanning various industries. These events draw in international crowds, providing businesses with an ideal platform to exhibit their offerings, forge connections with potential collaborators, and stay abreast of the latest industry trends.

For both seasoned trade show attendees and inquisitive bloggers, this curated guide showcases some of Dubai’s most eagerly awaited exhibitions and trade shows scheduled for the upcoming months and beyond.

May 2024: A Month Abuzz with Business

Dubai ushers in May with a flurry of industry-specific events:

  • Globoil International 2024 (May 6-8): This expansive trade fair is dedicated to agricultural equipment, machinery, seeds, planting materials, dairy equipment, and products, serving as a comprehensive resource for businesses along the agricultural supply chain.
  • Arabian Travel Market – Dubai 2024 (May 6-9): As a premier event in the travel and tourism sector, this exhibition brings together key industry players to showcase the latest travel trends, destinations, and technologies, making it essential for travel professionals and enthusiasts alike.
  • DFS 2024 – Dubai Fintech Summit (May 6-7): Explore the realm of financial technology at this summit, where the convergence of finance and innovation is explored through displays of cutting-edge solutions in payments, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more.
  • Conference for Plastic Conversion (May 13-14): This specialized event zooms in on the regional and global plastics industry, offering insights into emerging trends, resin demand, future growth prospects, and investment avenues.
  • AIRPORT SHOW Dubai (May 14-16): Serving as the foremost airport forum for the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, this event convenes airport authorities, airlines, solution providers, and industry experts to discuss advancements and innovations in airport operations and management.

Summer Sizzles with Specialized Shows (June-August 2024)

While summer may witness a slight lull in trade shows, Dubai still presents some intriguing options:

  • The Speciality Food Festival (Dates to be confirmed): Food enthusiasts rejoice at this gourmet extravaganza, featuring a tantalizing array of specialty foods and beverages from around the globe.
  • MEBAA 2024 – Middle East Business Aviation (Dates to be confirmed): Catering to the business aviation sector, this event showcases the latest in business jets, helicopters, and aviation services.

September Brings a Bonanza of Business (September 2024)

Prepare for a bustling September with a diverse array of exhibitions:

  • INHOMETEX – Dubai 2024 (September 3-5): This trade show spotlights the interior design and home décor industry, exhibiting furniture, furnishings, textiles, and more.
  • UTECH MEFPU Expo 2024 (September 10-12): Dive into the realm of plastics at this event, featuring the latest technologies in plastics processing, machinery, and materials.
  • Global Vertical Farming Show – GVF 2024 (September 10-11): Exploring the burgeoning field of vertical farming, this niche event showcases innovative technologies and solutions for sustainable food production in urban environments.
  • Furtech 2024 (September 10-12): Focusing on the future of retail, this event highlights trends, technologies, and solutions shaping the retail landscape.
  • ITS World Congress – Dubai 2024 (September 16-20): This esteemed gathering brings together key stakeholders in intelligent transportation systems, discussing advancements in sustainable mobility, smart cities, and intelligent infrastructure.
  • PROPAPER Dubai 2024 (September 17-19): Catering to the paper, printing, and packaging industry, this trade show showcases the latest technologies and trends in these sectors.

Autumn Unveils Industry Leaders (October-December 2024)

The latter months of the year witness some of Dubai’s most prominent trade shows:

  • INDEX Design Series (Dates to be confirmed): This design powerhouse presents a comprehensive range of interior design products, attracting architects, designers, and industry professionals.
  • The Big 5 Dubai Expo (November 26-29): This monumental construction event spans the entire building lifecycle, showcasing innovations in construction materials, technologies, and equipment.

Global Grub and Beyond (November-December 2024)

Gulfood Manufacturing 2024 (November 10-13): This must-attend event for food and beverage professionals showcases a wide array of offerings, from ingredients and processing technologies to packaging solutions and food safety measures.

Arabian Security Expo 2024 (Dates to be confirmed): Explore the latest advancements in security systems, fire protection, cybersecurity, and more at this comprehensive security and safety event.

GITEX Technology Week 2024 (October 14-17):

Dive into the forefront of the information technology sector with this powerhouse event, featuring cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, and the Internet of Things.

2025 Welcomes Innovation with Open Arms (January-April 2025) As we step into the new year, Dubai’s trade show scene continues to offer exciting opportunities:

Arabplast 2025 (January 19-22): Discover the latest in plastics, rubber, and petrochemicals, including advancements in machinery, raw materials, and processing technologies.

Arabian Travel Market 2025 (Dates to be confirmed): Gain insights into the latest trends and destinations in the travel and tourism industry at this prominent event.

Dubai WoodShow 2025 (Dates to be confirmed): Delve into the world of woodworking and furniture with showcases of machinery, tools, materials, and finished products.

The Hotel Show Dubai 2025 (Dates to be confirmed): Experience a comprehensive display of innovations in hotel design, technology, and operations at this essential event for the hospitality industry.


Dubai – A Gateway to Business Opportunities Dubai’s diverse trade show offerings cater to a wide range of industries, providing valuable platforms for networking, product showcases, and staying abreast of industry trends. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring entrepreneur, Dubai’s dynamic trade show scene offers something for everyone. Mark your calendars and prepare to immerse yourself in the world of business opportunities in Dubai!

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